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Olneyville Sound System: Because We're All In This Together
Because We're All In This Together (CD) Olneyville Sound System



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This is one of those records that I was obsessed with and still listen too all the time. 1996-1997 this Providence RI band was the shit, forget all the bass drum, guitar drumcombo stuff nowadays. OSS was one of the first of the Providence bands to do this.

These freaks laid down some of the heaviest sounds to melt your mind. When I say heavy it doesn't mean distorted guitars, stoner rock riffs, tuning down to D minor. I mean heavy in the sound, feeling, originality, and simplicity. I think Cactus, ZZ Top, Mountain, Miles Davis electric period of jazz, Flipper, and Black Flag, were heavy bands.

As one person said, OSS was ”The last of the white niggers.” Combine dirty fart bass tones, amazing rhythms, a vocalist that sounded like Bill Murray from ”Caddyshack”, and a distorted harmonica. Some of it is blues based but mostly it has a sound all to itself. They have simple lyrics that are almost chants, ”Olney at the top”, ”Moron Song”, ”These Guys don't take requests” are all which is repeated throughout the whole song. Somehow the repetition works like magic and the sounds are drilled into your brain.

The essence of this band though is the combination of Adam Autry on drums and Dan St. Jacques on bass. They have to be the most underrated rhythm section in the biz. They created the sound of a El Camino driving by your house 4am blasting sub bass bad mayhem. It was these two sound freaks that made me start playing bass. Try to pick up this cd if you are looking for
something different. It's not for everybody, there are no pretty melodies, guitars, math rock explorations, emo tears, or post punk disco-beats. Just original, sincere, raw heavy music.

Erick Ape, The Apes

Publicerad: 2003-01-25 00:00 / Uppdaterad: 2003-01-25 00:00

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9 kommentarer

Lite skoj att de kallar sig apes när sångaren ser ut som en apa. Ser de andra medlemmarna också ut som apor? Självdistans!

Mange Oregistrerad 2003-01-25 00:28

jag trodde det var supergrass som var the apes.

kafelnikov Oregistrerad 2003-01-25 01:29

coolt! laddade ner och lyssnade på Immigrant Radio. störtskön ju!

ulysses Oregistrerad 2003-01-25 02:05

har ni märkt att gästrecensenter nästan alltid ger betyget 9/10…

a.k.a daddy fat sax Oregistrerad 2003-01-25 13:38

Kanske beror på att gästrecensenterna väljer en skiva som de ansér att övriga recensenter har förbisett?

Jag skulle åtminstone inte valt ett album jag ogillade om jag skulle skriva en gästrecension…

orpon Oregistrerad 2003-01-25 15:52

han kanske menade att det är konstigt att det 10/10 inte är vanligast annars.

Daniel Oregistrerad 2003-01-25 18:20

Miles Mavis?!

the Droneguyâ„¢ Oregistrerad 2003-01-25 23:19

Droneguy: Typo.

Kal Ström Oregistrerad 2003-01-26 17:14

Miles Mavis. Hahahahhaaa. Skitkul ju!

Robert Oregistrerad 2003-01-27 12:36
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